Monday, July 12, 2010

What's for dinner?

It is steaming hot outside and yet here I am roasting tomatoes for a scrumptious tomato risotto.  This recipe was taken from:  It is a lovely combination of roasted tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes.  For anyone who loves risotto and tomatoes, this is the perfect dish.  Many people don't like the time-consuming procedure which is risotto, but I simply think of it as solely needing to stir the rice while it cooks.  As long as you are prepared before you start cooking with your stock and perhaps a glass of wine and some conversation, the process is a pleasurable one instead of one that is hard to bear.

In the meantime, I had baked some rhubarb with wine which was a recipe I used from Canal House Cooking.  It tasted lovely and when asked what it was to be used for, I thought eating!  That question led me to figure out how I could incorporate this lovely baked rhubarb into something else just as tasty.  After finding another recipe for a short crust, I baked it all up nice and tasty with a streusel type topping. It turned out wonderful.  The crust tamed down the sweet cinnamon smelling streusel topping which went well with the tart and tangy rhubarb middle.  Yum!

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