Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baking waiting to be eaten

Now that Christmas is past, it is time to eat up all the cookies and bars which were made.
 Although it never snowed here, we have had some amazing days of frost filled trees.
 Some of my favorite Christmas cookies to make and eat are ones I learned to make from my mom, grandma or when I was living abroad.  The photo above is this year's lebkuchen which I learned to bake in Germany.  They have been giving me some problems at high altitude, but this year they turned out perfect!  I attribute that perfection to better being able to adapt recipes for high altitude as well as the oblaten that I found at the German grocery store which makes them stick to the white wafers instead of my cookie sheets.  These cookies in particular are fabulous as they have no flour in them...just sugar, eggs, nuts and flavors.  Yum!  They definitely won't last long at my house!
These next two are also easy to make and turn out great for any chocolate lovers.  Again due to my lack of being able to follow directions even if I have made these a ton of time, the above chocolately gooey bars didn't turn out as planned, but they still taste and look good.  They should have a more consistent bar base as well as some of the crust sprinkled on the top.  However different my directions the day I made them, they still have the rich chocolate fudge-like layer which draws the eater in never to turn down another one.
The last of the Christmas cookies that were made this year are these O'Henry bars which have a tender oatmeal and sugar crust which is then baked to firm it up.  Then you simply melt chocolate and peanut butter together and smear it across the top for a sweet finish to these delectable bars.

I didn't get as many baked as I would have liked, but after giving some away and sharing more with friends, I am glad there aren't more to eat!  Now that Christmas is past, on to hearty meals with less sweets.  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday past and will enjoy the upcoming New Year's feasts and parties.
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