Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Port Wine-Braised Short Ribs, Roasted Potatoes

I rarely need an excuse to cook, so when my fiance asked me to cook dinner for a few of his friends I wasn't going to say no.  Instead it was an excuse to try out several new recipes from Cook this Now by Melissa Clark.  I don't think cooking new recipes for a dinner party is something most people would attempt on a regular basis since you never know if what you are making will turn out the way you would like it.  However, I think of it as a challenge and since I love to experiment while I cook, I am never quite sure the result until it is all done.  For example, I made the white bean stew before even knowing if I would like it.  And, while I was cooking it, I discovered it didn't have a lot of flavor.  It turned our great however, and I continue to cook from the cuff of my sleeve. Fortunately also, I think my fiance's friends are easy to please and I have never had a meal that was a disaster.

So this evening I decided to make Port Wine-Braised Short Ribs, Whatever you've got salad, Skillet-Roasted Potatoes and Turnips and Bakes Apples with Fig and Cardamom Crumble.

I have discovered in the Port Wine Braised Short Ribs that I really love the way the meat cooks in braising.  I definitely have to do more of this in winter when you have some time to let the flavors soak into the meat as it cooks for a few hours. 
Fortunately, I had enough room in the oven to also roast the potatoes and turnips.  The dinner came together well and I don't think there was anything left over except some of the dessert, but only because we had eaten everything else up and the portion for the dessert was bigger than the rest.
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