Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Marzipan and Nougat (mozartkuegeln)

I saw this recipe in Scandinavian Christmas by Trine Hahnemann.  I knew I had to make it and at least try it the first time with as close to the original recipe as I could before attempting it a second time with modifications.   The basic recipe is really just an assembly of ingredients and then dipped into chocolate.
Every year when I lived in Germany, I would send my mom Mozart balls which are balls of almond paste (marzipan) with hazelnut nougat and usually a whole hazelnut in the middle.  The ones my mom liked best (and so did I) had a pistachio marzipan mixture.  Then the whole thing was dipped into chocolate and individually wrapped.  Fortunately, I can still find them for her in the U.S.  So each year they remain a part of her stocking stuffers.  So instead of just making them and sending them to her without the Mozart balls, this year she gets both.  And next time, I will try making the nougat from scratch since I now know what it is supposed to taste like.  Plus, I know that it will be needed to be rolled out between layers of marzipan, so I know the end goal.
Chocolate Dipped Marzipan and Nougat
about 14 ounces marzipan paste
7 ounces soft nougat, but firm enough to spread
chocolate for dipping (I think I used about 6-8 ounces and used the leftover for Pistachio Almond Cherry Chocolate Bark.)

You can make this in as few or as many layers as you would like.  Due to the softness of the nougat, I decided to make three layer....two with marzipan and one with nougat, but you can do three and two as well.  Roll out each half (7 oz. each) of marzipan into a 4 x 8 (approximately) rectangle.  Smear the nougat on the bottom layer and place the top layer of marzipan on top.  Gently cut into strips and then into smaller squares, rectangles or diamonds.  While cutting, heat the chocolate over water in a double boiler or a bowl which can rest on a small bowl filled with about an inch or two of water.  (Don't let the chocolate get wet from steam or it will seize and you will not be able to use it.)  Once the chocolate is melted dip each marzipan sandwich into the chocolate.  Set aside on waxed paper to set.  (I also refrigerated mine once I complete the tray.)  Once set, you can put into decorative papers and deliver as a present.  My batch made about 4 dozen chocolates.

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