Monday, December 15, 2014

Cold Smoked Salmon with Dill on Rye Crisp

I have never really considered myself to be someone who loves fish.  I like to eat it from time to time, but it is not something I am always crazy about because I have had some not so great fish.  I remember being about 9 years old when someone gave me some smoked fish.  I had never had it before, and I can't even remember who gave it to me.  I never had it again until much later on a trip to Norway.  My friend bought some smoked mackerel.  I loved it.  A couple of years ago when I returned to visit the same friend she asked what I wanted to eat while I was there and that was one of the things that I had to have!  On to salmon....I like it baked, broiled, grilled.  Then I discovered cold smoked love of smoke mixed with a different fish....and again I was in love.

Yesterday, I hosted a Christmas brunch based on my half Scandinavian part.  Cold smoked salmon was one of the appetizers that I made.  It is simple to assemble and the flavors are outstanding.  Nothing says Scandinavia like dill and salmon.

Cold Smoked Salmon with dill on Rye Crisp
Rye Crisp - I used 9 rounds broken into halves
Neufchatel cheese (6-8 ounces)  (You can use cream cheese if you prefer.)
Fresh dill, finely chopped (reserve some sprigs for the top garnish)
English cucumber, thinly sliced
Cold smoked salmon (about 3.5 ounces)

Put the Neufchatel cheese into a small bowl.  Add the finely chopped dill.  Mix until incorporated throughout.  Place rye crisps onto a plate.  Spread dill and neufchatel cheese mixture onto each crisp.  Place finely sliced cucumber on top of the cheese.  Place a piece of cold smoked salmon on top.  Garnish with a little piece of dill.  Keep chilled until serving.  (Don't leave it too long in the refrigerator or else the cracker will not stay crisp.)  Eat and enjoy.

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