Sunday, October 31, 2010


For me pumpkins represent the autumn.  They are the changing of leaves, gentle breezes and lots of color.  For my kitchen they mean, carved pumpkins, and cooked so they are ready to be made into so many wonderful things.
I like to use as many parts of things as possible.  For my Christmas tree last year that meant leaving it up for 2 months so we could breathe in the wonderful scents of fresh pine tree.  The needles were still not willing to fall off when we finally decided that we couldn't leave the tree up any longer.  At that point, it went outside to be chopped up for firewood and branches for me to use to deter weeds as well as to help my blueberry bushes grow successfully.
When it comes to pumpkins, that means the meat of the pumpkin will be roasted or boiled, but the insides will be used to roast pumpkin seeds.  They are so easy too to make delicious!  Just sprinkle with salt or whatever special seasoning you would like and baked until they smell wonderful!  Yum!

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